Dennison City Council Meeting - April 6, 2023


City of Dennison

Regular Council Meeting

April 6th, 12th, 2023

The April Dennison City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Jeff Flaten on Thursday, April 6th 2023 at 7:00 pm. Present were Councilors Nichole Schloesser, Kaylyn Nygaard, Heidi Cooke, and Diane Ruddle. The meeting was adjournedto be continued on Wednesday April 12th, 2023 at 7:00 pm.

The April Dennison City Council meeting was reconvened at 7:00 pm on April 12th at Dennison City Hall by Mayor Flaten. Present were Councilors Nichole Schloesser, Kaylyn Nygaard, Heidi Cooke, and Diane Ruddle, and Clerk Jessica Page.

Councilor Cooke move to approve the regular meeting minutes for March. Councilor Schlessor second. Motion passed 5:0. Councilor Schloesser move to approve the Treasurer’s report. Councilor Nygaard second. Motion passed 5:0.

Old Business/Committee Reports/Building Permits:

Tyler Swanson was present to apply for a building permit for the Jeff Haase building. They will be using one of Cannon Tackle hook ups. Mayor Flaten move to approve the building permit for Jeff Hasse’s building. Councilor Ruddle second. Motion passed 5:0.

Administrative Issues:

1. The Holten family is requesting to detach parcels 622000020 and 622000183 from the City. They would help in the annexation process, if the council wants to go in that direction. After some discussion, Councilor Nygaard move to decline to detach the parcels from the city. Councilor Ruddle second. Motion passed 5:0.

2. Assessments from Marlea’s. Leann N. approached the City Council regarding an assessment put on the property taxes for the parcel that Marlea’s sits on for past due utility bills.

3. Bolstrom Property/Compliant. There were questions last month about the new owner of the property, Joe Stanke, and who is legally responsible. Is it the person or the property? Mayor Flaten contacted the LMC for their opinion. Information was forwarded to the council. No letter has been sent to Joe Stanke yet. How does the council want to proceed? Jeff contacted LMC for opinion. More stuff appears to have been added to the property by new owner. Send same letter to Joe that was sent to Chuck Bolstrom previously.

4. Continue discussion on a new driveway ordinance later. Councilor Ruddle should have final version ready to considesoon. Councilr Ruddle move to table the driveway Ordinance. Councilor Nygaard second. Motion passed 5:0.

5. Email sent out to the council from the Nerstrand Fire Chief regarding our ISO score. It has improved from 7/7x to 5/5x effective July 1st, 2023. This score means the properties within 1000 ft. from the fire hydrant receives a score of 5. Properties over 1000 ft. from a fire hydrant but with 5 miles of our Nerstrand or Dennison stations receives a score of 5x. Locations over 5 miles from a fire station receive a score of 10.

6. Sales Tax reimbursement and claim submitted to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for the phosphorus reduction project has been approved. Letter has been sent to the City regarding the decision and the check will follow about 10 days later. Money needs to go back into sewer funds. Should be deposited in the capital fund.

7. Letter received from the Minnesota Department of Health pertaining to a Notice of Violation for failure to perform quarterly bacteriological and total chlorine residual monitoring. We are required to notify the public of the violation. The City had 10 days to return the completed forms to the MDH. Jeff, Heidi and Nate completed that by posting notice on the website and bulletin board outside City Hall.

8. Mayor Flaten met with Doug Morem from Goodhue County on 3-15 and discussed Pete Lee's roof. Upon inspection of the building, it was quite apparent the back half of the roof has caved in (east side). Doug said he would reach out to Pete and discuss the situation. Further meeting will occur on 4-12 with Pete, Doug and Mayor Flaten to hear plans to fix the roof. There was discussion regarding the possibility that the building might need to be condemned. Mayor Flaten will contact Doug to discuss.

9. Complaints filed with the City. 6 of them.

Snow plowing complaints. Send the letter and have it fixed within 30 days.

Non registered vehicles need to be sent out.

There was a complaint on vehicles around the maintenance shed. Paul’s truck was moved out to the ponds, and Nate’s truck was moved away.

Heidi will have Mike move the trailers out of the way to ensure there is enough room to get through the alleyway.

Send the letters to the 4 properties. Councilor Nygaard move to send the four letters to get the issues addressed, Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0

10. Requesting that the council approves widening the driveway of the fire station/city shop on the north side about 5 feet. If vehicles are going to be parked on the side of the driveway, they should be parked on gravel, not the grass. Also asking that Nate removes his green pickup from south side of the driveway and not park on the grass. Bill Deutsch gave an estimate for gravel and expanding the driveway. 10 by 45 feet from building to curb along existing driveway, would be $800. It was asked if the Fire Dept might split the cost with us? Will contact the Fire Department to see, and defer the decision until we have finished graveling roads.

Citizens Issues:

Plowing on 5th Ave. 2 snows ago, a substitute driver was plowing for Bill, and the the plowing wasn’t done as it usual was. There were drifts in driveways that were 3 feet high. It was a single inci-dent.

Mayors Issues:


1. Update from Nate and Travis

Need to discharge. Primary pond is close to full. Secondary is at 60 already. Need to get alum out to dose the pond. Hawkins wont’ let them deliver due to outstanding invoice. LMC attorney called by Jeff to see if we need to pay it. Jeff sent email to John Larson today. Council decided to pay the Hawkins bill for $3866.00 so the City can get the alum we need.

Mayor Flaten will send as built plans to Travis.

Annual review for Nate in March.

Summary of the closed meeting last month for Nate.

-Reviewed goals and expectations during the past year.

-Will update job description.

-Council will help put together a schedule of important deadlines for reports/tests that need to be submitted to the State.

-Motion passed to increase Nate's pay to $25 dollars an hour contingent he obtains C sewer license.

-waiting to hear if Nate passed his C sewer license test.

-Updated Job description for Nate. It was reviewed by Council members and Nate. Councilor Ruddle move to approve the updated Job description. Councilor Cooke second.

Phosphorus shed. Pat Anderson is finishing up the last details/work this week. Inspections for mechanical systems have been completed. A final bill of $17,687.50 was submitted by Milltown Construction, Council will add this bill to the listed bills.

Councilor Schloesser move to pay the bills, including the Milltown Construction final payment. Councilor Nygaard second. Motion passed 5:0.

Mayor Flaten move to adjourn the meeting. Councilor Cooke second. Meeting adjourned at 9:04.

Next meeting: Regular meeting is Thursday May 4th, 2023 at 7:00.


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