Spring is in Full Swing


Kenyon Country Club, a beautiful sixty-four acre hidden gem.

Founded in 1926, the grounds and clubhouse have continued to be revisited . It is alive more than ever, as the upcoming spring season started early due to the sunshine, in April of this year. Inside the clubhouse, is what feels cozy and nostalgic, having a friendly welcome/ environment where anyone is there to accommodate your needs. I spoke with Dawn Berquam, manager of the clubhouse, who has been there for twelve years.

Dawn mentioned the thing she enjoys the most is the interactions with her customers and having a great staff by her side, including her husband James, who is in charge of the grounds.

She says, “People come from all over. Of course, Kenyon but those from Rochester and the metro area. Everywhere! It’s nice to see!”

Many host events as well including weddings, baby showers and class reunions. She further explains that, depending on the event, the starting rate is only $150.00.

Not a member? Come visit for the day, you won’t regret it, the green hills, old trees, and birds chirping could change your mind. Call ahead for tee times and any questions for you or your group. Single memberships start at $300 and family memberships at $500, this means access to all the grounds, inside the clubhouse to enjoy a cool drink and a cart to cruise around, enjoying the captivating scenery until the season ends in October.

All seven board members, husband, wife and team, have made sure to make anyone feel welcome, making it the place to relax and get to know others . Any other information is on their website or Facebook page. They are located on Highway 56 on the northeast side of Kenyon.

You can call at 507-789-6307.