Nerstrand News

The City of Nerstrand was awarded a grant to purchase two button activated blinking pedestrian crosswalk signs and two radar speed signs to be placed on Hwy 246/Main Street.  The pedestrian signs will replace our current signage.  The radar signs will be located with the first 30mph sign coming into Nerstrand from the East and the West.  We were awarded the grant from SHIP with Rice County Public Health.  

Compost site is open.  Please follow the signs and put your yard waste in the correct locations.  If you do not see a sign for what you brought, please bring it back home with you.  If placement of yard waste and compostable items are not put in the correct locations, the compost site will be closed without notice.  

The Nerstrand Veterans Memorial form can be filled out if you are interested.  Questions regarding the memorial can be directed to  The document is available at
WIth the nicer weather please be aware of an increase in residents outside riding bikes or walking on the roads.  Lets keep the residents of Nerstrand safe by driving slower and being aware of people around us.
Reminder:  If you want to pay your bill online the website is  You will need your account number and the municipality code NerstrandMN053.  If you have questions please let me know.
It is an election year.  Nerstrand City Council will have 5 open seats,  
Two council seats will be a partial term, 2 years.  Two council seats will be the normal term, 4 years. The Mayor seat is always a 2 year term.  More information will be available soon.  


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