Dennison City Council Meeting - March 9, 2023


City of Dennison

Regular Council Meeting

March 9th, 2023

The March Dennison City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Jeff Flaten on Thursday, March 9th, 2023 at 7:00 pm. Present were Councilors Nichole Schloesser, Kaylyn Nygaard, Heidi Cooke, with Diane Ruddle arriving a few minutes later, and Clerk Jessica Page.

Councilor Schloesser move to approve the regular meeting minutes for February. Councilor Cooke second. Motion passed 4:0. Councilor Nygaard move to approve the Treasurer’s report. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 4:0.

Old Business/Committee Reports/Building Permits:

Ryan Moore is applying for a building permit for a house on Prairie View Drive. Councilor Schloesser move to approve the building permit for Ryan Moore on Prairie View Drive. Councilor Nygaard second. Motion passed 5:0.

Administrative Issues:

1. Goodhue County Sheriff Wasn’t able to stop in.

2. Sean Kyllo, application for a liquor license for “625 Bar and Grill” (old Marlea’s). Martha has confirmed they are in the process of selling it to Mr. Kyllo. Councilor Schloesser move to approve the liquor license for 625 Bar and Grill, contingent upon other requirements being met. Councilor Cooke Heidi second. 5:0

3. Todd Greseth, Goodhue County Commisioner Broadband requests. At County meeting. Goodhue County needs more information for the fall. Had some concerns about it. Goodhue Co doesn’t have enough money to cover it. Would need other money to complete the project.

4. Update regarding OurTech Co-op broadband proposal for the Dennison area. Meeting at City Hall with OurTech and county commissioners from Rice and Goodhue on 2-8. Further discussions took place at the Goodhue County Board meeting in Red Wing on 2-21. Goodhue County did not approve broadband dollars at the meeting but wanted further clarification on a few items. OurTech submitted the proposal to DEED before the March 2nd deadline. The City has found people from the community to be on the Digital Inclusion Committee and submitted the digital inclusion application with the State of Minnesota Department of Broadband Development, mini grant opportunity. Since the Goodhue County Board meeting, OurTech has relayed that they received a $10 million Bid/Performance bonding document, requested by Quest. OurTech will also invest $318,500 towards the overall project. They will be meeting with Land O Lakes in the next few weeks to discuss the project.

5. Bolstrom property. Charles has the opportunity to speak with the Council before having it cleaned up by the City and billed to him. Spoke to Chuck, he said it was done. Nichole went to look. Has pictures. Still a mess. Joe Stanke is new owner. Has changed ownership since original letter sent. Need to start the process over. Send a letter to Joe Stanke regarding it. Contact LMC to see where to go.

Once a complaint is closed, it’s closed. New complaint needs to be issued.

6. Continue discussion on driveway ordinance. Not ready.

7. Approve pay app #4 for the Forcemain project. JJD still needs to reseed at the ponds. $12,676.60. Remaining balance is $3,485.40. Councilor Nygaard move to pay $12,676.00 for what they have completed for Pay App #4. Councilor Cooke second. Motion passed 5:0

8. Fire extinguishers were installed at City Hall, Pump House, City Shop/Fire Station and Phosphorus Building on 3-2. Fire Safety USA installed the fire extinguishers. Should conduct yearly inspections. Fire Chief believes it will be around 50 dollars to do that. Do we need to have monthly inspections. And annual recharge. Diane will do.

9. City Wide Cleanup dates? May 13th or June 10th? May 13th Put out flyer and put in newspaper, Lions page, etc Price list for extra things. Get it from Floms.9-11 Go with May 13th.

Citizens Issues:

Johnny Angel’s Auction date. 90 days to pay back taxes. Jan 31 was date the notice sent out.

June 10th Nichole for tables and chairs to rent.

Grocery store roof was starting to cave in. Raccoon peering out. Start with Goodhue County, and have them approach Pete Lee.

Mayors Issues:


1. Update from Nate and Travis: There is ample storage in the ponds. Fluoride pump is working well. Travis and Nate working on estimate for changing that system.

2. Nate unable to get into testing date in St. Cloud. Is planning to go to a class in Brooklyn Park the end of March. Emailed MRWA for a refund for St. Cloud training, and was approved. Brooklyn Park class will be $260.00, plus hotel, etc. Need to get his license number. Councilor Ruddle move to approve training costs. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0.

3. Phosphorus Building update. Mechanical systems should be installed by 3-3. New front door and garage already installed. Remaining outside metal needs to be finished.

4. Contractor fixed issue with generator at the lift station on 2-27. Midwest Generator. Should be put on a yearly check as it is an older one.

5. Nate and Travis toured New Richland sewer treatment plant.

6. Review for Nate. Mayor Flaten closed the meeting for Nate’s review.

Mayor Flaten moved to re- opened the meeting. Councilor Schloesser second. Meeting reopened.

Councilor Ruddle move that when Nate gets his c license, his wages will go to $25 an hour. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed

Councilor Schloesser move to pay bills. Councilor Ruddle second. Motion passed 5:0.

Mayor Flaten move to adjourn the meeting. Councilor Schloesser second. Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

Next meeting: Regular meeting is Thursday April 6th 2023 at 7:00.


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