Dennison City Council Meeting - March 10, 2022


City of Dennison

Regular Council Meeting

March 10th, 2022

The March Dennison City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Jeff Flaten on Thursday, March 10th, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  Present were Councilors Heidi Cooke, and Nichole Schloesser, and Clerk Jessica Page.  Councilor Anders was not able to be at the meeting.  Councilor Ruddle arrived at approximately 7:10.

Councilor Schloesser moved to accept the minutes for the February meeting.  Mayor Flaten second. Motion passed 3:0. Councilor Cooke moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Councilor Schloesser second.  Motion passed 3:0. 

Building Permits: 

Caleb Voight would like approval for a house to be built on Prairie View Drive.  Mayor Flaten move to approve this building permit.  Councilor Schloesser second.  Motion passed 3:0.

Noah from Johnson Rieland Homes is seeking approval for a home to be built on Prairie View Drive.   Councilor Schloesser move to approve this building permit.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 4:0.

John Levin would like approval for an addition to his business.  Question about side yard/back yard with the 10 foot distance to the edge of the parcel. It does meet the setbacks per Ordinance 69.  Councilor Ruddle move to approve.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion approved 4:0.

Power pole replacement for Excel Energy.  No formal permit needed for replacements.  Mayor Flaten will reply to Xcel regarding this.

Administrative Issues:

  1. Water study update:  Mayor Flaten had a meeting with Vanessa, and she is still collecting information for this.  Should be ready for April.
  2. Northfield Township meeting.  Proposal was received from Northfield Township.  It was brought up that it was different than the City of Dennison thought it would be, so Mayor Flaten contacted Brian Peterson for clarification.  Dennison will continue the snowplowing as we have been doing.  Township will do all the maintenance, including dust control, with a  50-50 cost split for the north side.  Dennison will cover 100% of maintainence costs for the south side of Goodhue Ave.  Councilor Ruddle move to approve.  Councilor Schloesse second. Motion passed 4:0.
  3. Resolution for the redistricting of the City of Dennison (no changes) and  establishing polling places for the City of Dennison (also no changes).  #3-2022-01.  Councilor Schloesser move to approve the resolution.  Councilor Ruddle second.  Motion passed 4:0.
  4. Industrial user agreement.  Diane worked on a possible agreement.  See email.  Since the Dennison Locker doesn’t meet the guidelines to be considered a significant industrial user, the Council did not feel that the formal agreement is needed, but did recommend sending a letter to the Locker that outlines the limits, and what would happen if the limits are violated.  City does not see the locker as a significant Industrial user. 
  5. Stub street donation.  Clerk tried writing up a quit claim deed for the donation, and sent to Goodhue County Recorder’s office to see if it was acceptable.  No return from them after 2 requests.  Not sure a quit claim can even be done as there are 4 donors.  Clerk emailed Jim Burkhardt to see if he can confirm that a quit claim deed can or cannot be used in this instance.  If the quit claim deed cannot be used, can the City authorize Jim Burkhardt to draw up the correct paperwork for the donation?  Council would like to wait to hear back from the County regarding this before having Jim do anything. 
  6. Just an FYI, there is a special election in May for Jim Hagedorn from Congressional District Number 1.  We will not be represented by Congressional District 1 until the elections this fall.  So no elections in May for the City of Dennison.
  7. FYI, Rice County is considering an application from Bridgewater Township to establish an industrial zone just off of Highway 3 by the gravel pit (near the landfill).

Citizens Issues: Mike Strese and water hookups.  What and where are hookups available?  Two for Cannon Tackle, paid for, and possible two for Mike are left.  Need to figure out how many there are.  Contact Dan Storlie and see what we can determine regarding that.  Mike has a potential buyer for some land who would like to put up a warehouse.   

Mayors Issues:          


  1. Replacement of vent fan in well house. Has this happened?  Still waiting on the fan. Hopefully it will arrive soon. 
  2. Make and model of pH meter and DO meter to order as the discharge season will be starting soon.  Nate will contact MRWA and Nerstrand as well.  Need info by April 1
  3. Water Pump Maintenance.  With new owners from McCarthy Well, they have a proposal.  Jeff has details.  5 years for $250 a year.  Councilor Ruddle move to accept,  Councilor Ruddle second. Motion passed 4:0. 
  4. Replacing heaters in well house.  2 estimates.  Paul’s Plumbing $6,820.00     Strietz Heating and Cooling $8450.00.  Electrical estimate and removal of old heaters by Cedar Lake $1,185.00.  One additional one from Brian’s Mechanical.  $5418.00.  Note that old thermostat has mercury in it.  Cedar Lake will properly dispose of it.  Councilor Schloesser move to approve Brian Schrader’s bid.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 4:0.  Counilor Schloesser move to accept Cedar Lake Electrical quote.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 4:0.  Council agreed to use ARPA funds for this.
  5. Water was turned on at the Ford building by Meyers.  Building should be closed on (sold) soon if not already.  Estimate from Deutsch Excavating for the sidewalk area:  West side $1,950, north side $2,950.  If both done at the same time, deduct $900.00.  Pat Meyers gave the City the wrench he created to turn on the water.  Councilor Schloesser move to approve bid for $4000 to fix both areas.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 4:0.
  6. Pioneer Power here and worked on shed.  Heater is installed and running.  Louvers are there.  Can the City turn the heater off since nothing is being stored in there at this time?  Mayor Flaten will call to see if we can turn it off. 
  7. Question on MPCA communication.  Jeff asked for extension on completion of the shed as the end of Feb wouldn’t work, due to not getting parts.  Extended to end of May for Phosphorus Shed.  Still need to do I and I stuff.  Review at the next meeting.  PPL we have a scoring number need to submit an engineered study that says what we are going to do for any further projects. 

Councilor Schloesser move to pay the bills.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 4:0.

Councilor Cooke move to adjourn the meeting.  Councilor Schloesser second.  Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting:  Regular meeting is Thursday April 7th, 2022 at 7:00.   


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