Dennison City Council Meeting - February 3, 2022


City of Dennison

Regular Council Meeting

February 3rd, 2022

The February Dennison City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Jeff Flaten on Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 at 7:00 pm.  Present were Councilors Diane Ruddle, Ann Anders, Heidi Cooke, and Nichole Schloesser, and Clerk Jessica Page. 

Councilor Anders moved to accept the minutes for the January meeting and public hearing held on January 6th, 2022.  Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0. Councilor Anders moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Councilor Schloesser second.  Motion passed 5:0. 

Building Permits:  None

Administrative Issues:

  1. Cannon Tackle proposal: Wendy Carroll would like to talk about what she hopes to do with an expansion.  She wants to purchase 100 feet behind her current building to build an additional building.  She is currently working with Mike Strese to purchase the land.  Her plan would be to sell or rent the current building.  Now building would be 120’ by 200’.  Waterway is there so need to be aware of that.  Wendy is thinking that she would probably put in a culvert for that, but will need to talk to the County regarding that.  City would need to rezone the property from Ag to Industrial.  She has 2 sewer/water hookups available.  Those hookups were part of those previously allotted in early 2000’s and have been paid for.  Someone can use her second hook up if needed.  She wants to put a road in by her place so that semi’s are not having to go through the residential areas to get to the new building.  She will need to make sure to review the zoning requirements. 
  2. Joe Johnson Fire Chief from Nerstrand Fire.  He asked if there were any questions on bill for the year?  (None)  They are getting a new fire truck.  $290,000 cost.  FEMA grant helping to purchase the truck.  Fire Dept has finished upgrading SOP and those are going out for review.  One question for Joe was regarding old fire extinguishers.  (Joe noted those are no good any more.)  Has a company they contract with and will get that info to the City, along with Fire code information for the extinguishers.   They are looking for more volunteers.  They now have an updated page on the Nerstrand website. 
  3. Todd Greseth Goodhue County Commissioner, asked if the Council had any concerns.  ARPA $ the County will keep working on getting that spent.  Hopefully they will be able to use state surplus money to update radios.  Garbage Ordinance is on hold still.  The County wants to see the landfill go on the closed landfill site.  Budget done last fall.  Todd noted it is challenging, lots of learning occurred.  He felt that people want money to be spent wisely, so Todd focuses on that.  Commissioners were originally looking at a decrease in the County levy, but a recent change in valuation of the nuclear plant lost $2m in taxation dollars, so overall county levy resulted in a 1.+ % increase.
  4. Water study proposals.  There were 3 submitted.  Stantec $5000, Bolton and Menk $7,400  Widseth $3,750.     Widseth has a completion date, they wanted to come out to the City to look at things.  Councilor Ruddle move to accept the Widseth proposal.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 5:0.  Councilor Anders spoke with Trent McCorkell regarding possible consulting for the City.  He recommended Inspectron, Inc.  for various needs of the City.  They will do inspections, or review building applications, etc for a fee. Councilor Anders would like an ok from the Council to contact them and get information for the fees.  Some things could possibly go to Inspectron instead of Burkhardt for review. Okayed by Council to get more information on fees, etc. 
  5. Fee schedule needs to be approved.  After discussion, Councilor Schloesser move to increase fees for water and sewer and remove the word residential from the fee schedule for water and sewer costs.  Councilor Cooke second.  Motion passed 5:0.
  6. Donation from Kenyon Snowdrifters for $2000.00.  Councilor Anders move to accept the donation from the Kenyon Snowdrifters.  Councilor Schloesser second.  Motion passed 5:0.
  7. Northfield Township meeting.  They would like to have the township do the grading and gravel, and the City do the snow removal. They were going to send a proposal.  Jeff talked with them and Bill Deutsch went with.  Looks like the township wants the city to do the snowplowing, and they will do the gravel and grading.  Still waiting for the proposal though.
  8. Industrial user agreement.  Diane has worked on this and she has sent out an email with information on what she has found, and what would be required of the locker to be listed as a significant industrial user.  Maybe should talk with the MPCA about them being an industrial user instead of a significant industrial user.  Then we don’t need to have a significant industrial user.  Should draft a letter that just looks at an industrial user agreement.  So Dori knows how close they are to qualifying.  They have a filtration system.  Maybe have a magnet filtration system as it plugs up .  They can’t clean out the meter.  Look at the sewer levels and sewer permit to see how it affects the limits to the city. 
  9. Zoom subscription:  Only had one response in time to cancel the subscription, so the City is renewed for another year.  We can cancel the subscription, but there is no refund.

Citizens Issues:  Flake Out Festival, BBQ cook off in front of Marlea’s for the end of February.  No bingo this year. 

Councilor Anders spoke with the City of Randolph and liability regarding a Little Food Pantry.  No issue for the LMC as long as the city is not financing at all. Can be on City property.  It was recommended to find a more private place to put it, so people are more likely to use it. 

Mayors Issues:


  1. Replacement of vent fan in well house. Estimate from Brian’s Heating and Mechanical $2,284.00.   Ask him about the lp heaters too if he will submit a bid.  Mayor flaten move to replace the vent fan with Brian’s Heating and Mechanical.  Councilor Anders second.  Motion passed 5:0.  Recommended the City use the ARPA funds for this costs as it would qualify. 
  2. Pump Maintenance.  Does the City want to do contract for twice annual inspection and calibration with MN Pumpworks at $190 per time.  Councilor Anders move to approve the contract. Councilor Schloesser second.  Motion passed 5:0.
  3. Replacing heaters in well house.  $7300 estimate in costs.  (Don’t know difference in pricing on heaters from 2020 to 2022).  Plus cost to install LP tank ($400) and remove old fixtures ($700).  Ask Brian’s Mechanical about an estimate.  Is there a thermostat that the wifi can use so Nate can access through his phone?  Ask Paul to submit an updated estimate in writing.  Hold off on any of these for now until we get the additional estimates.
  4. Meeting with Lance Loverink, he is suggesting that the city needs to calibrate the flow meter in the pump house.  McCarthy Well is under new ownership.  Alme retired from doing inspections.  Jay, the new owner,  would come down to the City to meet on Friday to talk about what they can do for the City.
  5. Water needs to be turned on at the Ford building.  Furnaces should be installed within the next few days.  (This was on Tuesday)  B and B has stopped for the winter.  Any other ideas for venders?  Big project.  Not sure that the City can do it at this point in time.  Jeff going to talk to Goodhue County.  Tried to get someone to do it last fall, and no one was able to due to being busy.

Councilor Schloesser move to pay the bills, Councilor Ruddle second.  Motion passed 5:0.

Mayor Flaten move to adjourn the meeting.  Councilor Ruddle second.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:50                                                

Mayor Flaten re-opened the meeting to figure out a date for the March meeting as three people will be gone on the 3rd.  Council decided to move the meeting back one week and will meet on the 10th instead. 

Mayor Flaten move to adjourn.  Councilor Cooke seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:55.

Next meeting:  Regular meeting is Thursday March 10, 2022 at 7:00. 


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