Dennison City Council Meeting - December 7, 2023


City of Dennison

Regular Council Meeting

December 7th, 2023

The December Dennison City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Jeff Flaten on Thursday, December 7th, 2023 at 7:00 pm. Present were Councilors Heidi Cooke, Diane Ruddle, Nichole Schloesser and clerk Jessica Page. Kaylyn Nygaard arrived at 7:05.

Councilor Ruddle move to approve the regular meeting minutes for the November meeting. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 4:0. Councilor Cooke move to approve the Treasurer’s report. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 4:0.

Old Business/Committee Reports/Building Permits:

Thank You to Charlie Helcl his donation for the new windows in City Hall. Mayor Flaten read a letter for Charlie from the City.

Administrative Issues:

1. Truth and Taxation. Allow for citizens to voice concerns about proposed tax levy amount. No one present to voice concerns regarding the proposed levy.

Resolution # 12-2023-01 is for the approval of the final levy amount. Preliminary levy was Bonding at $42, 213.00. City General levy was $147,787.00, for a total of $190,000.00. Councilor Ruddle move to accept Resolution #12-2023-01 with the same amounts as the preliminary levy. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0

2. Michael Novitzki was in attendance to present ISG's proposal to continue engineering for the City. He left some materials if council members are interested in reviewing them, they are available in the Council Chambers. Proposal sent to the council in advance of the regular meeting.

Micheal and Becky from ISG were present to talk about the proposed contract. Have been working with Dennison for the last several years. Carley would still be the City Engineer, but she’s in St. Louis MO. Becky would be our local contact. Planning would be a focus, capital improvement type stuff. GIS information. Long term relationship building.

Council During discussion of the issue, the Council felt that ISG wasn’t receptive to the needs of Dennison on previous projects. It was felt that some things may have not been addressed as fully as they needed to be, and as a result there have been some issues that the Council has had to deal with or follow up on that were not expected.

Council explained how the City is working with Bollig Engineering, and that we are working on how to get a plan in place for future infrastructure needs. Council does acknowledge that distance is a factor and that no firm can guarantee funding, both subjects that were brought up in the discussion.

Council asked if they can we still use ISG if the MPCA has a question on one of the projects they have already completed with the City, and ISG said they would be able to help.

3. Flom Disposal Contract. Sent out as soon as received today.

4. Final pay app #5 for the forcemain project. It includes the remaining amount to be paid on the seeding of the ponds ($720) and retainage ($2,7655.40) = $3,485.40. When it comes to the reseeding of the ponds, even though the quality of the subcontractor's work was questionable, Carley doesn't believe the subcontractor will make a 4th attempt to reseed. The PFA has released all the bonding money, and the remaining amount to be paid would come from that source. Approval of the pay app would close the project. If need be, Dan Storlie and the mayor would reseed areas in the spring that didn't germinate this fall. Councilor Schloesser move to pay the final Pay App for the Forcemain Project. Councilor Nygaard seconded. Motion passed 5:0.

5. Continue discussion on how to use the one-time MN Public Safety Aid ($9,715.00). The Nerstrand fire chief has requested that the funds be used for equipment for the Dennison Fire Station for turn out gear or truck payments. Total cost to outfit one firefighter with protective gear is $4,000. Mayor asked the LMC if the aid money could be spent on paying the Goodhue County Sheriff's Department for their monthly patrolling/policing salaries. The LMC says it is an eligible expense. Will talk to the Dennison Lions to see what we can do to work together with them to help provide the turnout gear.

6. Property Complaints:

Pete Lee Building. Inspection done by Doug Morem from Goodhue County on 11-16-23. Pete allowed Doug to take pictures of the inside of the building. Report was sent to the council via email. Doug noted several things: The floor has collapsed and all the contents are in the basement; The integrity of the exterior walls are a concern; Loose brickwork and mortar are a public risk. The building is at a critical turning point of: Complete demolition and removal or a rebuild with an engineer's involvement. Pete did tell Doug that he's been in contact with a potential buyer. If that doesn't work out, he will demolish the building. No timelines given to the City for the potential sale or demolition.

Mayor Flaten texted Pete, and Pete has a potential buyer, but deal hasn’t been finalized. County attorney has seen the report. He is not pursuing anything as far as criminal actions? City will follow up with Pete in the future. Get an update for the next meeting.

7. Notice of Violations from the MPCA received by the City on 11-14-23. The mayor, clerk and operator met on 11-21-23 to discuss the corrective actions. Mayor has also sought input from Bollig Engineering and MRWA. Letter sent to the MPCA disputing violation #4, relating to the Dennison Meats being a Significant Industrial User. Mayor and clerk met with the MPCA on 12-4-23 to discuss violation #4 and determine what will be needed to submit the Pretreatment Notification of a SIU. City is asking for an extension for a week on 12-5-2023. Without an extension, the city will have to submit the pretreatment form by December 14th, along with the majority of the corrective action responses then. Another meeting with Jaramie to do the SIU next week. Send out responses to Council before it gets sent out asap. Due on the 14th.

8. One of the violations cited by the MPCA had do with our lift station and control panel. The PCA is requiring the City to install a third meter which will read when both pumps are running at the same time. Mayor received an estimate from Cedar Lake Electric to do that for $800.00. Councilor Nygaard move to have Cedar Lake complete the installation of the third meter. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0.

9. Received an estimate from Cedar Lake Electric to install a light at the back door (east side) of City Hall for $710.00. Not approved.

10. Approve Updated 2024 Annual contract with Warsaw township for Road upkeep. Councilor Ruddle move to approve the Annual Contract with Warsaw Township. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0.

11. . Councilor Schloesser move to approve the Liquor licenses for Fireside and 625 Bar and Grill for 2024 when returned from Sheriff’s office with no issues. Councilor Cooke second. Motion passed 5:0.

12. Nichole move to approve Cigarette Licenses for Dennison Depot and Fireside for 2024. Councilor Nygaard second. Motion passed 5:0.

13. New windows at City Hall in large room were installed on 11-27-23 through 11-29-23.

14. Back stop fence in the city park will be fixed on 12-7-23.

15. Primary Elections will be held on March 5th. Will need election judges for the primary. Judges trained for 2022 can serve following a two hour refresher course. Please let clerk know if you are available. Dates are January 30th, Feb 6th and 13th for the Refresher Course.

Citizens Issues:

Plowing on 5th Ave. near the electrical box by the Haase driveway. There is a big dip from where it went under the road and the road has settled. Mayor will call Haase regarding the damage to the road. Will see if Bill can take care of it.

Snow plowing. Nichole has gotten phone calls regarding an area on 2nd Ave where vehi-cles are parked close to the street during plowing and cause issues. There have been no-tifications regarding the issue, and folks have been informed that their vehicles may be towed if parked too close to the road for snow plowing.

Mayors Issues:


1. Wastewater Permit application submitted on 11-8-23. MPCA notified city staff they had received the application and it was deemed acceptable.

2. The Nerstand Fire Dept. conducted their fire flow testing in town on 11-10-23.

3. Outside water meter reader at M. Hansen's house replaced on 11-13-23.

4. Street sweeping occurred on 11-14-23.

5. Mayor submitted the fluoridation equipment grant application through the MN Dept. of Health on 11-17-23. Should find out within 30 days if the city will receive any funds.

6. New water meter installed at the new Jeff Hasse building on 12-4-23.

7. Duetsch graded 5th Ave. Way, making a shallow trench N of Haase entrance on NE side of road where gravel was washing out. (Instead of digging out the ditch.) and back alley behind Fireside, graveled also. Filled pothole by elevator with gravel.

8. Water meter issues:

Nancy Dubans's outside reader work? Eells's water usage issue resolved? Jim Malecha's outside reader fixed yet? City hasn't had an accurate reading at the house for a year and a half. Hire Paul's Plumbing if Nate can’t get it fixed? Locker plant-is last reading correct? Need to double check on that reading.

Jessica's Review. Heidi has been working on separating the description. Councilor Ruddle move to close the meeting. Councilor Schloesser second. Motion passed 5:0. Review was completed. Councilor Ruddle move to re-open the meeting. Councilor Schloesser second. Meeting was re-opened.

Councilor Schloesser move to pay the bills. Councilor Nygaard second. Motion passed 5:0.

Mayor Flaten move to adjourn the meeting. Councilor Cooke second. Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Regular meeting is Thursday, January 4th at 7:00.

Councilor Nygaard will be gone for the next meeting in January.