Commissioners Postpone Quarry Vote


A Planned May 14th vote by Rice County Commissioners for the Milestone-Mathy pit mine was postponed until June. A movement by concerned individuals opposing the permit caused the planned vote to be rescheduled. According to information received from the county, the quarry in question, also referred to as the Milestone-Mathy Pit Mine, located in the rural Dennison/Nerstrand area was permitted in 2011 and again in 2016. A permit was applied for in 2021, but withdrawn after questions about access to Hwy 246, and a subsequent traffic study, was requested. The request was a permit for a wider driveway onto the state highway. The Minnesota DOT and Department of Natural Resources each responded with no negative comment of the permit application. The planning commission then recommended moving forward with the permit.

There are now multiple additional questions, as well as social media posts and communications relating to the future use of the pit and its potential impact on the area circulating. These issues and concerns were unable to be verified at press time. Those with questions or concerns should reach out to their elected officials regarding the issue ahead of the pending vote on the permit.