Commissioner Corner


I am starting my 3rd year as your county commissioner, the time is going fast. I have already experienced change from my first year in office. Our world is moving even faster than before and Goodhue county will try to keep up. We now have a Outreach and Communication specialist who is doing a great job with our social media and bringing the county business to the people of Goodhue county. Please check out our website and face book, there will be more changes coming soon too. We recently had a goal setting meeting with the commissioners. Finding a solution to our staffing of the county and keeping our cost in control and all of our programs running is a real struggle. I think we all have heard that it is hard to find staff and keep staff and we are no different, but we are looking at options and ways to improve. Byllesby park pavilion is going to be a real nice addition to our park system so please plan a time to go and see it this summer, we really do have a nice park there. Please let me know what you are thinking about Goodhue County, both good and bad but I hope there is not too much bad.