A Minnesotan

-10 Degrees or Colder


As Minnesotans we are prepared for the cold and those harsh bitter sub zero days. To the point where for some seeing who can go the longest without switching to jeans and a coat is a thing of pride. We all know at least one of those people who is fine in shorts and a sweatshirt until it is nearly -10 degrees F outside and wonder how in the world they do that while the rest of us are pulling out our heaviest winter parkas.

Whether you are taking pride in not wearing a parka or are safely bundled up in one we are all prepared to face those sub zero days. Or at least we are when we go outdoors.

The first of the super cold days we had this January were the wind chill and the temperature dropped well below zero. I like many donned my parka and made my way into what should have been the warmth of the office.

My desk is currently right next to the window which is less than ideal in the winter. However, it is also right under a heating vent. So naturally I was expecting to spend the bitterly cold day nice and warm under that vent.

Instead it was spent freezing as the heat in my section of the building was not operating at full capacity. Which made our little corner of the office really, really cold.

I spent half the morning half nestled in my parka to keep from shivering while I worked until I finally couldn’t take it anymore and temporarily took over a coworker's desk, who was away for the rest of the day.

The next day Mathanice informed us that not only was our heating vent out but there is also a leak in the window letting in a daft. So those of us who are right next to the window had been sitting in 9 degrees F while inside of the building.

Thankfully now the window has been patched and the vent has been fixed. All in time for things to be a little bit warmer for at least a couple of days.