A Minnesotan

More on Snow


Recently the Twin Cities got slammed by a ton of powder snow fall; while I was at work in the office. It was not snowing when I left home but started after I got there.

Because of the snow a lot of people left during lunch to finish the day from home. Except for me, the forecast said it was going to stop at 1pm. So I figured I might as well stay all day; after all, if I leave after it’s not been snowing for a while then the roads will be plowed. Right?

Wrong! I was wrong in my assumption that the roads would all be plowed.

Now some of the side roads in town I did not expect to be completely snow free by the time I left for work. There were places where one side was plowed and the other was not. Which is to be expected since the plow has to come back in the other direction to do that side.

The issue was when I got to the highway; which I normally do not take home. Normally I take a backway home to avoid traffic. However, due to the large amounts of powdery snow I thought that I should play it safe and take the highway.

Clearly my assumption was that the highway would have been plowed. After all, it's a highway. The highway had not been plowed.

Instead it was a slushy snow filled mess.

I did end up taking it all the way back to my neighborhood though by doing something that I had not done since I was a teenager driving to school.

I followed a 4x4 that was following a Semitruck and got into their tire tracks just like I used to do on snowy Minnesota mornings when I would follow the milk truck out of the valley to the main road.

The process was a little bit terrifying and extremely slow, however, I did live to tell the tale.